• Eddy Ku

Mayor's Entrepreneur: End at Semifinals

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

City Hall 15th March 2019

Where The Apprentice finalists pitch for their ideas in front of Lord Sugar and colleagues, we stood where they stood, we told everyone about our dream to transform dementia care in the UK. Our journey ended at semifinals, and we wish the finalists all our best. About 30 startups competing within the semifinals Tech cluster, many with spectacular ideas, and there and then, I felt very happy for the fact we all came to City Hall to solve problems. That's the society I believe in. That's the seedlings, the prodigies of the new millennial is all about. 

Even we were defeated, we still adhere to our maxim, to provide virtual care for people living with dementia. 

Together with our work, we shall transcend.

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