Data Analyst 

Key Tasks

• Design, test and validate framework of memory impairment behaviours, habits and trivial activities. 

• Compiling other researchers with regards to memory impairment support activities and optimise data. 

• Work together with out mobile application and artificial intelligence team to design and support algorithms and features to maximise user experience. 

• Reporting through either Excel or Tableau. 

• Analyse global trend on memory impairment progress. 


• Superior at processing large quantity of data. 

• Strong presentation and communication with explored data. 

• The ability to recognise improvements and opportunity, and provide creative solutions. 

• Ability to mind-map and framework quickly 

• Highly energetic, punctual and precise person.


How to Apply?

Email us your CV. Also a 500 words word file about any theories you like.

Elaborate why you've chosen it and how does it work etc. 

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