Dementia Care Virtual Assistance

Dementia Facts

In 30 years time, there will be 130 million people living with dementia worldwide. In the UK, currently there are 850,000 people diagnosed with dementia. In 2014, London School of Economics reported £26.2 billion in cost of dementia, in which £4.3 billion to NHS, £4.5 billion to local councils, £5.8 billion to patients and families and £11.6 billion of unpaid care. 

Living with Dementia

Alzheimer's Society calculations suggests that the average cost for a person with dementia is £100,000. The UK residential care average is £630 per week, which is £32,760 per year. 72% of people are worried and frightened about the possibility of losing their homes in order to pay for social care. Many people with dementia experience symptoms of depression from loneliness as they tend to isolate themselves from the condition.

Our Mission

Here at Palliate Ai, we serve the dream to provide independence for people living with dementia and efficiency tool for carers. With Natural Language Processing and APIs, we are building the world’s first voice-assistance-artificial-intelligence in dementia care, that will provide assistive care, in automation.

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Palliate Ai is delighted to inform you that following our exhibition success at UNBOUND 50 London 2019, Vodafone has awarded us its Innovation Programme; Vodafone 5G DIG Top 100 Company.

We are honoured to be a part of the 5G global list of businesses recommended by Vodafone.

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